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An Initiative of Shri Basaveshwar Rural Education and Development Trust. ®


About NK Education

Established in 2004 by the visionaries of SBRDT, NK Education has emerged as a prominent player in the realm of study abroad consultancies. Over the years, it has been instrumental in transforming the aspirations of countless students into tangible opportunities for international education. With a steadfast commitment to affordability and accessibility, NK Education has earned its reputation as India's largest education provider, empowering the dreams of millions of learners across 85+ countries.
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A Global Footprint

NK Education's journey has taken it far and wide, transcending geographical boundaries. Operating in more than 85 countries, NK Education has created a global network that bridges the gap between students and their educational dreams. By catering to a diverse range of students from various backgrounds and cultures, NK Education has truly become a beacon of international education.

Holistic Support

What sets NK Education apart is its comprehensive approach to the study abroad experience. From the initial steps of preparing for standardized tests like the IELTS exam to the crucial aspects of securing placements, finding suitable accommodations, and ensuring access to essential health services, NK Education leaves no stone unturned in ensuring students have a seamless transition to their new academic homes.

Affordability as a Core Mission

At the heart of NK Education's mission lies the commitment to affordability. The consultancy firmly believes that every deserving student should have access to quality international education without being burdened by exorbitant costs. By optimizing the study abroad process and providing expert guidance, NK Education enables students to achieve the best education at the lowest possible price.
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A Vast Learner Network

With a vast network of 2 million learners, NK Education has had a profound impact on shaping the educational journeys of countless individuals. This remarkable reach underscores the consultancy's dedication to assisting students in fulfilling their dreams of studying abroad.
In conclusion, NK Education stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring students across the globe. Founded on the principles of accessibility and affordability, it has not only facilitated the dreams of millions but has also played a pivotal role in promoting international education and cultural exchange. With a vision that transcends borders, NK Education continues to empower learners and open doors to global education.

About NK Education Mission

At NK Education, our mission is to empower the aspirations of students worldwide by facilitating access to quality international education. We are committed to guiding and supporting students at every step of their journey towards studying abroad, with a relentless focus on affordability and excellence. Our aim is to foster a global community of learners, transcending borders and creating opportunities for personal and academic growth. Through unwavering dedication, expert guidance, and a holistic approach, we strive to make the dream of studying abroad a reality for all, helping individuals reach their fullest potential and contribute to a more interconnected and educated world.

Our Vision

At NK Education, our vision is to be the foremost global catalyst for educational dreams. We envision a future where every aspiring student, regardless of their background or circumstances, has the opportunity to access world-class international education. We aim to continually expand our global network, partnerships, and resources to create innovative pathways for students to achieve their academic and personal aspirations. Through our unwavering commitment to affordability, excellence, and holistic support, we aspire to be recognized as the standard-bearer in the field of study abroad consultancies. Our ultimate vision is to inspire a generation of global citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an interconnected world, fostering a brighter future for all

Our Goal

Our primary goal at NK Education is to empower 1 million students to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad within the next five years. To achieve this, we will continuously expand our reach, strengthen our partnerships with educational institutions worldwide, and enhance our support services to ensure that students receive the highest quality guidance and assistance throughout their study abroad journey. We are committed to making international education more accessible, affordable, and attainable for students from diverse backgrounds, helping them unlock their full potential and contribute to a globally connected society

Founder NK Education

nagaraj kotagi nkeduindia

Mr. Nagaraj Kotagi

Mr. Nagaraj Kotagi is the Managing director of NK Education Dharwad and the Managing Director of Shri Basaveshwar Rural Education and Development Trust. Dharwad. He is a M.Sc Graduate in Master of International business from Curtin university, Singapore.


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